Jumat, 09 September 2011

Mens Wig in Japan

Do you fit into one of the below 3 categories?

1. I'm a multidimensional metrosexual, and I need to sport a new hairstyle once a week.

2. I want perfectly coiffed man-hair, but I'm balding.

3. I want to be in a boy band, but I don't want to fuck the president of Johnny's.

Well, good news, guys. Department stores now sell these amazingly stylish man-wigs in many different denominations. Do you dig the Mushroom Layer cut, or do you look more fly in Grunge Style? Or maybe you feel like a Loose Wave today?
Whatever you want, whoever you are, there's a wig for you. And it even comes with a hairnet.
More pics after the jump...


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