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Hi Technology home appliance

Special bathroom gadget

How "geek" Did you?? We sure we are not "crazy" for this.
The design of this bathroom was designed for enthusiast of technology / gadget for its variety of gadgets ranging from LCD TVs, TiVo, DVD player, Xbox, notebooks, fridge, iPod Dock, and last, of course, the toilet as a standard accessory in a bathroom.
And is also equipped with a pedal exercises to playing Xbox while exercising.
We just love gadgets, but if you have to put all the gadgets in the bathroom while doing the "ritual" does not seem to us to do.
Oh yes, this is not the design or concept of bathroom because it was there and was shown at a National Geographic.

Red Diamond Bathtub, bath until you forgets to come to work

Ouch, well when we could have "little" more money to buy a product like this?
Red Diamond Bathtub has everything to make the use of a bathtub can "survive" longer.

Future kitchen, minimalist but highly functional

Kitchen with rounded shapes and minimalist indeed become a trend as a future kitchen.
Including this one, the concept of kitchen which has won the design contest with the theme "Kitchen is the Heart of Home" trying to create a kitchen that "cute" but very functional.

Walk station working while exercising

Working while you exercise seemed like a rather odd sentence even a bit difficult to do unless you buy a Walk station.
Room / computer desk this one will make you stay in good health and able to complete the report was awaited by a grumpy boss. Yep, like people used to say, "One Row, Two Three Island Exceeded".
If you do not want to work, you can browse or play games all burn calories and fat you've accumulated.
But, we better sit down when I'm writing an article in our brains and also just lazy to exercise.

Circular Kitchen, full kitchen without having to take a large space

Small house and the place / space cramped kitchen does not mean can not have the equipment and complete kitchen equipment.
Circular Kitchen is a kitchen that was created for homes that have limited kitchen space. The kitchen is already ready to use (in the form of modules) which is round with a diameter of about 1.6 meters may seem small but it's there you need fittings for all kitchen purposes. Inside there's even a drawer to store 12 of all equipment and cooking equipment, sink, microwave and small racks.
Circular Kitchen with sliding door and can be rotated up to 360 ° and we just play it to take or make every need.
The manufacturer itself offers a variety of modifications and color so that we can choose needs to fit your. Talk about price, it depends on the desired modifications, but at least you have to pay around $US6.000 or Rp. 60,000,000.

The Sphere Bed, bed, complete with massage

The Sphere Bed will certainly be a bed for every person's dream.
This single bed is equipped with 32-inch LCD TV, refrigerator space to store a bottle of wine, surround speakers, and also adjustable bed (recline) and to provide massage to relieve fatigue.
But we still prefer the bed on this one because it is more complete.

Electronic candle with rechargeable battery

Plans are a romantic dinner out of the room with a candle (candle light dinner), but fear the danger of fire or the smell of wax? If so, this product seems suitable for you.
Rechargeable Outdoor Candles are candles that use electronic special LED used outdoors.
These candles are resistant to certain weather and use the micro chip that can make the LED glow like a real candle flame. And "candle" this one is rechargeable.
You can choose 1 set of candles with the contents of 4 or 12 at a price of about US$90 ~ US$200 or Rp. 900,000 - Rp. 2.000.000, -.

The bed that makes you reluctant to exit the room

The feeling we do not want to get out of bed when a bed on this one.
Hi-Can (High Fidelity Canopy) is a bed filled with media and entertainment technology inside, designed by Italian designer, Edoardo Carlino

Magic box for people who like to move the boarding

If you are a person who lived in a boarding but do not want to be bothered and like moving boarding for a new atmosphere of this magic box then you may need. Do not be seen from the outside just that it's just a box because the box contains a bed, cupboards, tables, benches and bookshelves that it was more than enough to fill your room a new boarding.

Magic box for those who need extra room in the house

Need additional space for work, bedroom or home theater because there's a blank page?? But do not want to be bothered and dirty to build the space??
The Magic Box is the concept of box-shaped structure that can be used and placed anywhere inside or outside the home. With a simple design or a minimalist, and the walls are partially transparent so the Magic Box is suitable for the above problems. All you have to do is spend your money and the Magic Box came immediately and can be placed wherever you like.

Change the ceiling in the house became a library

Instead you let the ceiling of your house into a den of spiders and even a mouse, what if you use a library collection of books that you are more?
Design a beautiful and functional but rich little difficult to take and read a book in the ceiling

Kitchen furniture suitable for small apartments

For those of you who have the kitchen space that is not too large may be designed to make it very suitable for you.
Kitchen furniture very impressed with this one minimalist (and slightly futuristic), especially with functions that can be used as a place to eat and to wash the dishes.
With the concept of "sliding" the room the kitchen area you will be impressed if you're not washing dishes and more.
Design that was designed by a student from Turkey, Fevzi Karaman has even won a design competition among students.
Bravo!! It is suitable for an apartment that is not too large.

A House made from container

House designed by Adam Kalkin is deservedly called the "Push Button House ".
The Illy's Push Button House is the home of the original form of a container which we used to meet at the port and the highway. But with all the key container will be turned into a full house with 5 rooms, the bedroom, kitchen, living room, library and of course the toilet.
Do not see what is not too expensive for a container but the concepts and ideas may be used to house a much needed emergency in the event of a disaster (flood, earthquake and others) in an area.
Good concept!

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