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[TIPS] How to prepare candidates of baby? Boy or Girl?

This table is taken over by scientists from the graves of the kingdom of China near Beijing. Progenitor buried for 700 years and is now stored in the Beijing Institute of Science.

The accuracy of the table has been proven on thousands of family and 99% accurate.

- You can choose your child's gender is Male (M) or Female (F) by following the above table.
- Prospective mothers between ages 18 years to 45 years, while the month indicates the beginning months of pregnancy the mother, not the child's birth month.

Maternal Mother age 27 years, and the candidates of baby conception in January, so the baby will be born is the mostly become FEMALE.

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[TIPS] Mengatasi mesin Mitsubishi Kuda panas - over heat

Mesin panas bisa ada beberapa sebab boss antara lain adalah:
1.Air radiator kurang, --> tambahin dong,..cek tiap hari oke.
2.Fan Belt kendor, --> biasanya diawali mesin bunyi mencicit,.cit...citt malu ah.... kencengin dong.
3.Fan silikon udah mencair, --> ini sulit dideteksi khususnya bagi yang awam banget dengan mesin.
Nah point ke 3 ini yang akan dibahas,..yuk periksa,..periksa.
1.Coba cek putaran kipas atau bahasa kerennya FAN dengan tangan, mesin harus mati nich,..
Kalo rasanya ngelos aja dan gak ada tahanan kayak seret gitu,...itu berarti silikon udah cair.
2.Sekarang hidupkan mesin dech,..rasakan hembusan anginnya apakah sampai ke arah belakang
mesin,..biasanya kalo silikon udah cair hembusannya jadi kurang dan dia tidak bisa ngedinginin
air yang ada di radiator arti kata hisapannya lemah gitu.
Untuk point 2 diatas memang agak sulit kalo untuk orang awam,..makanya harus sering2 cari temen yang ngerti untuk diminta bantuannya periksain atau tanya2 di milist otomotif.
Sekarang kalo memang kondisi diatas sudah terasa yuk bongkar sendiri fan clutchnya untuk ganti itu silikon yang sudah cair.
Siapin dulu alat dan bahannya:
1.Kunci pas ukuran 10-12, kunci shock juga boleh dengan ukuran 10 dan 12.
2.Beli silikon di toko onderdil cukup beli 2 botol aja, tuh liat photonya diatas.
Sekarang mulai bongkar:
1.Lepaskan juga 4 buah baut fan clutch pake kunci 10 yang nempel ke pulli.
2.Fan beltnya juga dilepas, kendorin baut yang di alternator pake kunci 12.
3.Setelah itu fan clutch bisa dilepaskan kemudian bongkar diluar.
4.Lepaskan 8 baut fan yang nempel ke fan clutch pake kunci 10, lalu lepaskan keduanya.
5.Nah nanti keliatan dech kalo silikonnya udah cair akan berubah warna jadi coklat.
6.Bersihkan dengan dicuci yang bersih atau diseka pakai lap bersih juga oke.
7.Awas ada o-ring karet jangan sampai putus.
8.Isi silikon sebanyak 2 botol kedalam fan clucth lalu tutup, kencengin lagi 8 bautnya.
9.Pasang lagi keposisi semula sesuai urutan bongkarnya.
10.Liat aja dech potonya oke

Untuk pasangnya kebalikan urutan bongkar, setelah dipasang semua cek dech hembusan anginnya sama rasakan tendangan silikon saat fan diputar pake tangan.

Keep rolling kuda-klub

Belanja pernak pernik lucu disini yaaa

atau disini juga wokeeh


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[TIPS] Mengetahui posisi nomor mesin dan rangka Mitsubishi Kuda

Nah,..itu pertanyaan yang sering aku denger saat telp. berdering dimeja kerjaku khususnya bagi pelanggan yang ingin melakukan "esek-esek" nomor mesin dan rangka mobil Kudanya.
Begini,.......Sebelumnya kita bahas dulu ya mengenai sedikit varian Mesin Mitsubishi Kuda. Ada 3 varian mesin yang dipakai di Mitsubishi kuda yaitu:
1. Mesin Bensin 1600cc 4G18 S3 SOHC (Carburator)
2. Mesin Bensin 2000cc 4G63 SOHC MPI (Multi Point Injection)
3. Mesin Diesel 2500cc 4D56 SOHC

Untuk mesin 1600cc posisi nomor mesin ada di sebelah kanan dekat intake manifold dan posisinya agak ke dalam deket firewall.
Untuk mesin 2000cc posisinya agak sulit dilihat karena kita harus sedikit ngolong dan posisinya berdekatan dengan filter oli disebelah kanan bawah.
Untuk mesin Diesel 2500cc ini yang paling gampang ada di sebelah kiri dan posisinya agak ke dalam deket firewall dibelakang atas pompa injeksi.
Dan untuk nomor rangka semua sama posisinya ada si sebelah kanan chassis dekat roda belakang kanan.
Untuk jelasnya liat photo-photo disamping ini,......
Selamat melakukan "esek-esek"

Keep on Rolling Kuda-Klub

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Hi Technology home appliance

Special bathroom gadget

How "geek" Did you?? We sure we are not "crazy" for this.
The design of this bathroom was designed for enthusiast of technology / gadget for its variety of gadgets ranging from LCD TVs, TiVo, DVD player, Xbox, notebooks, fridge, iPod Dock, and last, of course, the toilet as a standard accessory in a bathroom.
And is also equipped with a pedal exercises to playing Xbox while exercising.
We just love gadgets, but if you have to put all the gadgets in the bathroom while doing the "ritual" does not seem to us to do.
Oh yes, this is not the design or concept of bathroom because it was there and was shown at a National Geographic.

Red Diamond Bathtub, bath until you forgets to come to work

Ouch, well when we could have "little" more money to buy a product like this?
Red Diamond Bathtub has everything to make the use of a bathtub can "survive" longer.

Future kitchen, minimalist but highly functional

Kitchen with rounded shapes and minimalist indeed become a trend as a future kitchen.
Including this one, the concept of kitchen which has won the design contest with the theme "Kitchen is the Heart of Home" trying to create a kitchen that "cute" but very functional.

Walk station working while exercising

Working while you exercise seemed like a rather odd sentence even a bit difficult to do unless you buy a Walk station.
Room / computer desk this one will make you stay in good health and able to complete the report was awaited by a grumpy boss. Yep, like people used to say, "One Row, Two Three Island Exceeded".
If you do not want to work, you can browse or play games all burn calories and fat you've accumulated.
But, we better sit down when I'm writing an article in our brains and also just lazy to exercise.

Circular Kitchen, full kitchen without having to take a large space

Small house and the place / space cramped kitchen does not mean can not have the equipment and complete kitchen equipment.
Circular Kitchen is a kitchen that was created for homes that have limited kitchen space. The kitchen is already ready to use (in the form of modules) which is round with a diameter of about 1.6 meters may seem small but it's there you need fittings for all kitchen purposes. Inside there's even a drawer to store 12 of all equipment and cooking equipment, sink, microwave and small racks.
Circular Kitchen with sliding door and can be rotated up to 360 ° and we just play it to take or make every need.
The manufacturer itself offers a variety of modifications and color so that we can choose needs to fit your. Talk about price, it depends on the desired modifications, but at least you have to pay around $US6.000 or Rp. 60,000,000.

The Sphere Bed, bed, complete with massage

The Sphere Bed will certainly be a bed for every person's dream.
This single bed is equipped with 32-inch LCD TV, refrigerator space to store a bottle of wine, surround speakers, and also adjustable bed (recline) and to provide massage to relieve fatigue.
But we still prefer the bed on this one because it is more complete.

Electronic candle with rechargeable battery

Plans are a romantic dinner out of the room with a candle (candle light dinner), but fear the danger of fire or the smell of wax? If so, this product seems suitable for you.
Rechargeable Outdoor Candles are candles that use electronic special LED used outdoors.
These candles are resistant to certain weather and use the micro chip that can make the LED glow like a real candle flame. And "candle" this one is rechargeable.
You can choose 1 set of candles with the contents of 4 or 12 at a price of about US$90 ~ US$200 or Rp. 900,000 - Rp. 2.000.000, -.

The bed that makes you reluctant to exit the room

The feeling we do not want to get out of bed when a bed on this one.
Hi-Can (High Fidelity Canopy) is a bed filled with media and entertainment technology inside, designed by Italian designer, Edoardo Carlino

Magic box for people who like to move the boarding

If you are a person who lived in a boarding but do not want to be bothered and like moving boarding for a new atmosphere of this magic box then you may need. Do not be seen from the outside just that it's just a box because the box contains a bed, cupboards, tables, benches and bookshelves that it was more than enough to fill your room a new boarding.

Magic box for those who need extra room in the house

Need additional space for work, bedroom or home theater because there's a blank page?? But do not want to be bothered and dirty to build the space??
The Magic Box is the concept of box-shaped structure that can be used and placed anywhere inside or outside the home. With a simple design or a minimalist, and the walls are partially transparent so the Magic Box is suitable for the above problems. All you have to do is spend your money and the Magic Box came immediately and can be placed wherever you like.

Change the ceiling in the house became a library

Instead you let the ceiling of your house into a den of spiders and even a mouse, what if you use a library collection of books that you are more?
Design a beautiful and functional but rich little difficult to take and read a book in the ceiling

Kitchen furniture suitable for small apartments

For those of you who have the kitchen space that is not too large may be designed to make it very suitable for you.
Kitchen furniture very impressed with this one minimalist (and slightly futuristic), especially with functions that can be used as a place to eat and to wash the dishes.
With the concept of "sliding" the room the kitchen area you will be impressed if you're not washing dishes and more.
Design that was designed by a student from Turkey, Fevzi Karaman has even won a design competition among students.
Bravo!! It is suitable for an apartment that is not too large.

A House made from container

House designed by Adam Kalkin is deservedly called the "Push Button House ".
The Illy's Push Button House is the home of the original form of a container which we used to meet at the port and the highway. But with all the key container will be turned into a full house with 5 rooms, the bedroom, kitchen, living room, library and of course the toilet.
Do not see what is not too expensive for a container but the concepts and ideas may be used to house a much needed emergency in the event of a disaster (flood, earthquake and others) in an area.
Good concept!

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[TIPS] The Importance and Benefits of Fasting

When most people think of fasting, in the religious sense, they think of doing something to sacrifice themselves, as a punishment for whatever they did wrong… in yoga, we see fasting as a way to improve our health, to give our body a break from the hard-to digest foods that might not be as good for us as we think. It’s a way to bring more health into our lives.

The purpose of fasting is to help detoxify your body. This detoxification helps to eliminate and alleviate many ailments that might be creeping up on us because of the unhealthy eating habits we might be holding. And the fasting I am speaking of if to spend a day without eating cooked or processed foods… to spend a whole day eating lots of fruits, raw vegetable salads, water, juices. These are things we already know we should be eating more of… why? Because eating raw fruits and vegetables is the best for us to maintain our health. So isn’t it neat to select a day out of our week to try to eat only fruits and veggies?? Letting our food be also our medicine…

Here are a few of the benefits of doing a weekly fast:
• We give the digestive system a much needed break. Fruits and vegetables are much easier on the digestive system than breads, pastas, rices, cheeses, legumes, soy products, etc.
• Fasting will help cleanse the blood and help eliminate toxins lodged in your body. These toxins come from various sources – the contaminated air we breathe, chemical medications we might have taken, artificial colorants and preservatives in food, stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, cigarette smoke, among many others.
• When you ingest fresher foods your vital energy will increase. People think that by eating lighter you’ll feel sluggish. On the contrary, my experience has been that when done right, a day of eating just fresh veggies and fruits, with lots of water and juices make you feel very light and clean inside… with a great sense of well being. You will feel full of energy and ready to take on any challenge that faces you.
• And over time your defenses against diseases will improve and your skin will be brighter too. Since I have become vegetarian and practicing fasting I get much less colds than I used to before. You will not be completely immune, but when I used to work in an air-conditioned office full of moms that got sick every time their kids got a cold. It was like a chain reaction in that office – one person getting sick after the other and I was most of the times spared.
How to do a day of fasting?
• Because you’re eating lighter, you should have at least your 3 meals and 3 snacks throughout the day.
• Start your day with a large fruit salad or a fruit smoothie. My SS Smoothie and the Stealth Shake might be good alternatives for you. Try to make them with fruit juices or coconut water. I do stay away from soymilk and regular milk on these days, but I will admit, I use yogurt sometimes… because it has active live cultures.
• Throughout the day, drink lots of water and other liquids, like fresh fruit juices – freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, kiwi juice, papaya juice… or have some coconut water.

• Have a great big salad for lunch – lettuces, tomato, cucumber, peppers, onions, broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, carrot, fennel, sprouts, etc. Have it with a delicious dressing that will make it all more appetizing.
• As snacks you can munch on fresh fruits and nuts, such as apples, pears, mangoes, papaya, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.

• For dinner you could have another salad accompanied by steamed veggies – I personally have a delicate digestive system and I must have my salads with steamed /lightly boiled vegetables. I sometimes steam potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, and/or cauliflower. I make a nice fresh dressing with the left over salad I might have from lunch and it all tastes awesome.
Some words of extra advice…
• Eat fruits prior to eating salads. Fruits have large water content and sometimes, when eaten after heavier foods (ie vegetables or steamed root vegetables) it might give you uncomfortable gas.
• Because you’ll be eating more fresh foods and will be drinking water and juice more often than your regular daily diet, you’ll go to the bathroom more than usual. So be open to that idea and choose a day when you’ll have a bathroom accessible.
• Fasting is easier when made at home. It is harder on our psyche when we are trying to fast and people around us are eating stuff we are avoiding for the day. Do not make it harder on yourself… try to pick a day when you’ll stay at home with your “menu” set out for the day.
• Prepare in advance. Before the day you have chosen to fast, go to the market and buy your favorite fruits and veggies. See what’s beautiful and freshest in the market so you’ll be excited to build a menu around those great finds.
• Give yourself the opportunity to try out new things. I sometimes treat myself to certain fruits and veggies I do not regularly buy to give my salads some needed variety. And I know I must eat them in the next few days.
Hope you might have learned a bit about FASTING and might be inspired, or at least not afraid, to try it. I try to do it as often as I can and I can attest to its benefits.

Info taken form: karmafreecooking.wordpress.com/2009/04/

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My cars,...first to last...

Berikut ini adalah beberapa mobil yang pernah hadir dalam kehidupanku,...(hasil keringat sendiri nich,...bukan milik keluarga bro............... :)
Semua mobil ini aku sayangi bak istri kedua hahahahahah,......

1. Mitsubishi Jet Star Minibus 1989 - 1000cc Gasoline
Mobil kecil yang lincah, irit bahan bakar, pada saat itu bisa 1:15Km lho,… perawatannya juga gampang, gak pernah ngerong-rong,… paling jauh pernah diajak jalan ke Tasikmalaya lewat tol jagorawi trus ke puncak.
Cuma ada kekurangannya ama ini mobil, karena semua rem masih tromol alias drum brake,..jadi saat kecepatan tinggi agak susah berentinya hahahahaha,.. (pernah kejadian di jalan tol jagorawi lari 100kpj, waktu ngerem lama berentinya, hampir aja mobil di depan di hajar,…untung bisa dibelokin kearah semak-semak pinggir tol sebelah kanan,..fuiiiihhhh,…hampir aja)

2. Nissan Sentra Sedan 1989 - 1600cc Gasoline
Sedan biru yang muluuuuuuus banget, kenapa mulus banget ?, ya,… ibarat kata kalo ada laler yang nempel di body mobil ini pasti jatuh kepeleset hahahaha…, mesin udah di croome, jadi keliatan rapih dan selalu bersih, filter udara diganti model open racing, jadi pasokan udara lancar, lari ini mobil kenceng juga bisa tembus 180kpj lho,.. velg pake ukuran 17”, kekurangan mobil ini kalo ujan agak rembes di list kacanya, maklum karet-karet pintu udah tua,..jadi air hujan bisa menyelusup masuk,… waktu bawa permaisuri,…dia pasti ngomel mulu karena paling banyak rembes di deket bangku kiri xixixixixixi,….. (kalo diganti karet pintu permasalahan pasti dijamin selesai tuh…)

3. Mitsubishi Kuda MPV 1999 - 2500cc Diesel
Mobil ini serbaguna, selain ukurannya yang besar tenaga juga bagus,..gue julukin mobil ini “TANK” karena tampilan udah dirobah menjadi tinggi besar dengan ban ukuran 235/70/15 Dueler A/T, velg pake compomotive putih, juga jalan kemana-mana melanglang buana kepelosok pulau jawa.
Karena bermesin diesel 4D56 yang terkenal tangguh dan tahan terhadap solar busuk sekalipun,…mobil ini tetep jalan dan gak rewel (sangat rekomended buat pehobi touring pilih deh Mitsubishi Kuda Diesel), bahan bakar juga irit bisa dapet 1:12~13Km untuk pemakaian normal.

4. Mitsubishi Kuda MPV 2002 – 2000cc Bensin
Mobil ini adalah mobil kuda generasi kedua keluaran KTB, sudah disempurnakan dari generasi pertamanya, selain per lebih lembut, tampilan depan juga udah cakep, lampu lebih bagus dan grill juga serasi.
Gue pilih bensin 2000cc MPI (Multi Point Injection) bahan bakar lumayan bisa 1:9Km untuk pemakaian normal, tarikan yahud dan mobil ini bisa diajak ngebut hmmm,..gak ada matinya dech,…

5. Suzuki Katana GX 1995 – 1000cc Bensin.
Mobil ini aslinya cuma berpenggerak 2 roda alias 4X2 saja, namun sudah dilakukan modifikasi menjadi penggerak 4 roda alias 4X4, sudah ditambahkan transfer case, axle depan plus differentialnya juga kopel depan.
Selain itu roda depan juga ada manual free locknya merk AISIN, roda udah pake Dueler M/T ukuran 30, dipakaikan juga shock steer, trus anting per depan dan belakang dipanjangin.
Udah sering dipake buat offroad bareng KJB (Komunitas Jip Bekasi), biarpun cuma 1000cc tapi mobil ini lincah dan enak dipake manuver.

Love Cars like a 2nd wife,...

Ingin merubah hidup, klik link berikut ini semoga bermanfaat:
atau klik link dipojok kanan atas bisa juga klik di myLINK

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[TIPS] Cara menyetel lampu depan Mitsubishi Kuda

Untuk melakukan penyetelan arah lampu khususnya Kuda Generasi ke 2 memang sedikit agak sulit, mengapa demikian karena diperlukan alat khusus yaitu obeng minus yang ukurannya diluar kewajaran hehehehehe panjangnya harus 30cm~40cm untuk menjangkau tuas penyetel dibagian dalam lampu.

Posisi penyetel arah lampu agak menjorok kedalam beda dengan kuda generasi 1 yang gampang di raih hanya dengan obeng biasa.

Cara nyetel arah lampunyanya bisa mengikuti petunjuk arah panah dibagian atas batok lampu kiri dan kanan, tuh liat dech photo kiri atas ada panah 2 buah yang ada kode U dan D serta L dan R.
Supaya lebih jelas pelototin aja tuch photo silakan dicopy juga boleh gak bayar kok.

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Timor Leste / Timor Timur ternyata aku pernah kesana,....

Ini adalah kali kedua aku berkunjung ke Timor Timur tepatnya aku disana dari tanggal 9 ~ 12 Oktober 1997, sebelumnyadi tahun 1995 aku juga berkunjung kesana.
Pada kunjungan pertama suasana masih tenang dan sedikit terjadi gejolak, namun di kunjunganku yang ke dua ini, wahhhhh,....BAHAYA....................
Saat itu sudah di berlakukan jam malam, pada jam 22.00 WIT sudah tidak ada lagi yang boleh berkeliaran di jalan, aku sempat melihat dari balik jendela hotel tempat aku menginap sering kendaraan tempur sejenis panser berkeliaran entah apa yang dicari, pokoknya suasana sedikit bikin mencekam.

Namun suasana kembali normal saat fajar mulai menyingsing di ufuk timur,.......
Dihari kedua aku di Tim-Tim aku mengajak salah seorang staff di PT Bosowa namanya Bpk Aziz Narahaubun dia asli Ambon, tempat aku tugas untuk mengunjungi patung Kristus Raja di bagian timur kota Dilli dan memang cukup jauh lokasinya,...dari tempat kami parkir kami harus berjalan lagi dan menaiki tangga yang cukup melelahkan.
Tetapi setelah sampai diujung atas tempat patung Kristus Raja berada, kelelahan yang kami rasakan seakan sirna dengan pemandangan yang indah dan dapat melihat seluruh kota Dilli dengan jelas.
Itulah kenangan terakhirku berkunjung di Timor Timur, amat disayangkan saat ini telah lepas dari NKRI, semoga tidak akan terjadi lagi dengan bagian lain dari NKRI......


Off Road clinic

Tanggal 4 Maret 2006 merupakan hari yang tak terlupakan bwat gw, masalahnya tanggal itu merupakan hari dimana gw pertama kali dapet pelajaran mengenai teknik OffRoad secara langsung baik teori maupun prakter dari IOF.

Seharian gw dapet elmu yang bermanfaat dari mulai teknik bawa mobil OffRoad sampe teknik penyelamatan bila kita terjebak di lumpur, gak lupa juga dalam pelajaran itu kita tidak boleh merusak habitat alam di sekeliling kita contohnya waktu pake winch kita minta bantuan pohon untuk lepas dari kubangan tapi kita juga harus kasian sama pohon itu jangan sampe pohon itu mati karena tergesek oleh sling winch mobil kita.

Love Adventure Save Nature

[TIPS] Diet mudah dengan Pisang,..ya cukup pisang saja

Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Diet dengan Pisang adalah 1 dari yang terbaik dan cara termudah untuk membantu meningkatkan upaya Anda menurunkan berat badan. Tampaknya ada banyak versi diet ... dan saya juga memiliki versi diet ini. Banyak versi lain tampaknya hanya diet ketat dan sangat tidak praktis.

Berikut ini adalah versi yang akan memberikan anda kemudahan, dalam menstabilkan berat badan. Ini bukan sebuah diet yang ekstrim seperti diet yang selama ini Anda mungkin pikirkan.

Anda mungkin berpikir bahwa diet dengan pisang terdiri dari hanya makan pisang terus setiap hari. Itu Salah! Jelas itu satu pemikiran yang logis dan hampir setiap orang mempunyai pikiran seperti itu. Terdapat hanya 1 aturan utama pada diet ini dan lainnya hanya aturan umum ...

Peraturan # 1: Makan 1-2 pisang setiap sebelum makan ... minimal 3 kali sehari.
Sangat sederhana, kan? Jika Anda ingin makan, makanlah pisang 1-2
buah sebelum makan.
Praktis, mudah, sehat, dan tidak banyak yang perlu diingat.
Sebelum sarapan, makan 2 pisang. Sebelum makan siang, makan 2 pisang.
Sebelum makan malam, makan pisang 1.
Jadi Anda makan 5 total pisang sehari.

Peraturan # 2: Makan apa yang anda inginkan untuk makan.
Peraturan ini sederhana ... makan apa yang anda inginkan, hanya
selama Anda makan 2 pisang sebelum sarapan, 2 pisang sebelum makan
siang, dan 1 pisang sebelum makan malam. Jelas makan sehat dari
biasanya akan membantu Anda menurunkan berat badan.

Peraturan Tambahan: Anda dapat mengganti 1 pisang dengan apel sebelum sarapan dan makan siang.

Hal ini mungkin untuk membantu meringankan kebosanan. Benar tidak, kan kalo makan pisang terus bosen layau.....

Jujur saja saya tidak tahu berapa berat badan Anda yang akan turun dengan mengikuti diet makan pisang ini, namun bila Anda mendapatkan penurunannya yang sangat lambat sementara anada ingin cepat turn berat badan ... lupakan diet makan pisang.

Jika Anda bosan mengikuti diet makan pisang ini sementara berat badan anda lama turunnya... Anda tahu, seperti "Makan lebih banyak buah-buahan dan sayuran, minum 8 gelas air, jalan-jalan, dan blah blah blah", maka ...kemungkinan berat badan anda akan turun bervariasi pada setiap orang.

DIkutip dari informasi
Jenifer Jolan

Jumat, 14 Agustus 2009

[TIPS] The easy way diet with Banana

This method initiated by Mrs.Sumiko Watanabe farmation expert from Osaka - Japan.
Her husband was lost 13kgs of weight in 6 months following this diet method.
Also Japanese opera singer KUMIKO MORI was lost 7 Kgs after following this diet method.

Please click profile of Sumiko san below:


Kumiko Mori San - Japanese opera singer

English Version:

Diet with Bananas is one of the best way to help you to control body weight.It appears there are many versions of this diet... and I also have a version of this diet.
A lot of the other versions of this diet just seem plain silly and not very practical.

Here's an easy to use version that will give you slow, steady weight loss.This is not an extreme diet like you may think.
You may think that the banana diet consists of eating just bananas all day. Wrong!!!!
Obviously that isn't very practical or smart.There is just 1 main rule to this diet and another general rule...

Rule #1: Eat 1-2 bananas before each meal...minimum of 3 times a day.
Very simple, huh? Not much to think about. If you eat, you're going to eat
1-2 bananas before your meal.
Practical, easy, healthy, and not much to remember.
Before breakfast, eat 2 bananas. Before lunch, eat 2 bananas. Before
dinner, eat 1 banana.
So you eat 5 total bananas a day.

Rule #2: Eat whatever you want for meals.
This rule is simple...eat whatever you want, just as long as you eat 2
bananas before breakfast, 2 bananas before lunch, and 1 banana before
dinner. Obviously eating healthier than normal would help your weight loss
efforts even more, but it's not 100% necessary.

Bonus Rule: You can replace 1 banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch.

As mentioned, you can replace a banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch.This is to help relieve possible boredom. Nothing more.
I honestly don't know how much weight you will lose on this or any other diets that use bananas, however you should notice a steady weight loss.
It won't be extremely fast, so if that's what you're looking for... forget the banana diet.
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Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

[SOLD]---4 SALE--- Supermoto 200cc

BJ Cross200 tahun 2007,……
Surat-surat lengkap STNK-BPKB-Faktur oke, tangan pertama dari baru udah robah model supermoto ban depan 110/70 R17 ban belakang 130/70 R17 semua swallow-deli tire

-Motor jarang dipakai, hanya rumah ke kantor aja.
-Nomor polisi pilihan B 6000 PIG
-Velg ukuran 17 depan belakang merk ROSSI alumunium.
-Depan belakang remnya udah cakram.
-Knalpot udah dibobok disesuaikan dengan karakter mesin yang galak.
-Spakbor depan ganti model acerbis (asli ada).
-Lampu belakang ganti model sabit astrea grand (aslinya ada).
-Spakbor belakang ganti punya astrea jadi lebih manis (aslinya ada).
-CDI ganti punya TIGER lebih mantap.

--SOLD--JUST 4 HOBBIES ONLY--Dijual Katana GX '95 4X4


Dijual Suzuki Katana GX tahun 1995 warna Full Black, Offroad spec. Modif 4X4 by Bengkel Bimo (Specialist bengkel modifikasi "KAWAN 4X4 Motorsport").
1. Freelock AISIN
2. Shock Steer
3. Ban Dueler MT 30X9.50
4. Shock procomp
5. Lampu tembak depan,
6. Tutup tanki racing
7. AC dingin,
8. Tape mantap
9. Power Steering baru ganti di botak seng

Harga Nego dech,... buat yang serius dan ngerti mobil offroad.
Kontak aja by email ke : acep@ktb.co.id or
call: 0818665568

. ---Ready for Offroad---.

Ingin merubah hidup, klik link berikut ini semoga bermanfaat:
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[TIPS] 25 tips untuk Jantung yang sehat

Follow this tips,...
we guarantee your heart will healthy

Follow the rules, i love you full

[TIPS] Mengecilkan perut ala Jepang

Kita tentunya sangat menyayangi tubuh kita kan,....? masak sih tega nyakitin tubuh sendiri, kecuali udah gak sayang sama tubuh sendiri huhehehehehe,.....
Bro and sis ini ada informasi bagus buat kita-kita yang merasa punya PERUT GENDUT,....
Selain kurang sedap dipandang, perut gendut juga bisa bikin sesak napas waktu kita jongkok, udah gitu pake baju ketat juga gak panteslah,...sama seperti perut gw ini yg mulai buncit.
Nah,.....ini ada TIPS yang diambil dari TV di Jepang,...silaken diliat dan dibaca ya,...di copy juga boleh, and don't forget to sent to all of your friend at the list.

Thank you bro and sis.
Love your body and get healthy

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